My Vision, my dedication

The real journey is just about to start

We all have our insecurites no matter what we say or how we act.
My self esteem has been extremely low all my life.
I avoided meeting new people, did not take any risks, didnt go out much, never chased girls, let opinions impact me waaay too much and never liked or made pictures of myself.
I never liked or loved myself and how I looked, I thought that was for arrogant and selfish people only.

A few years ago I was extremely skinny, I weighed 135 pounds at 6’2 and got extremely depressed because of it.
Got bullied a lot for it as well.

Got bullied a lot for it as well

I worked my ass off every damn day to get where I am now, no drugs, no steroids, no hormones or other excuses.
Just pure hard work, dedication and lots of passion.

The funny thing is, the real journey is just about to start.
I am at the verge of changing my life and I am about to start living a dream I’ve been having for a long, long time.

I will make this huge first step and I will show the whole world..